A blog dedicated Video Games Awesome, a show hosted by a group of five that are ready to stream some new or classic video games for your entertainment, maybe while screwing around and raging in doing so. (Well, actually, that's mostly Fraser.)

Disclaimer: This is purely a fan-made blog, and is not run or moderated by any of the VGA crew.

Kyle has a baby.

— The new VGA slogan (via onemanstampede)


space duck fan art… QUACK!!


VGA did an hour and a half tribute to Robin Williams oh noooooooooo


VGA’s playthrough of Pokemon Snap is one of my favorites because they know very little about Pokemon and get super excited about ALL THE POKEMON

and  then they get mad about Oak’s non understanding of proper artistic photography

hey i've just recently seen video games live, and it seems like they hate nintendo. what do you think?

i dont think any of them seriously hate nintendo. i feel like they, fraser especially, just like to poke fun at the company lol. 


New rule: when someone asks you who Fraser Agar is, show them this photoset with no added explanation or context.


becky’s all like “i got this shit!”


Here’s Becky to go with the Frashasuarus-Rex.


two years have went by and this is still one of my favorite videos on the internet. If you don’t know who VGA is my question to you is, why not?


Take tha-uurururururrrrrp!


Getting around to watching their T&T playthrough and they couldn’t pronounce “Shichishito” so they called it “Shigesato Itoi” the whole time instead


After being a fan of VGA for about 4 years. I am now a Turbo Member.

I can’t say enough about how much I love Video Games Awesome. 

VGA has helped me through High School and the beginning of College and the stresses of everyday life. As well as has helped cheer me up during the harshest of times. And I cannot be thankful enough. 

And now, I am so happy to have finally support such a fun, unique and amazing show. 

Thank you so much, Fraser, Becky, Ben, Kyle and Deacon for being incredible hosts and just being AWESOME. 


frash frash finally getting a star!


The only sure things in life:

  • We will all die
  • We will all have to pay taxes
  • As long as there is a Fraser Agar, there will be Frage.

Who the hell’s Harry?

— Fraser Agar, discussing the Harry Potter series, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Part 3. (via thehellspawnhero)