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Man, there’s just 20 days left until VGA Live’s 4th Anniversary (everyone, start making some fanart and crap!)… Wonder if there will be special Anniversary merch or something? owo (Not that I’d buy any because I still have no monies LOL)

48 Frish Frashes for your viewing pleasure


i just wanted to draw a dragon with becky. but then the dragon started to look like charizard and then idk.

i kind of randomly think of what if i did make a vga manga, but i dont think about it enough to really flesh it out. so enjoy random doodles with no context instead.

i just finished looking at ur entire blog. My vga folder is now bountiful with reaction images, ty. <3

i can only thank the wonderful vga community on here who takes screenshots at precisely the right time. ;) thank you!


Instagram is for hipsters. #VGA


They didn’t plan on doing this at the same time; they both just happened to have the same joke on their mind at the same time.

And they say perfect couples don’t exist.


i’m a really big fan of beanies on cute girls.

or toque, as someone told me they’re called in canada.


Can we talk about how fucking adorable these two are?


watching Fraser call Godot out on his sexism in the latest Trials and Tribulations episode


Do you know why Ben isn't on the show anymore? I'm not sure if they've ever said, but the don't seem to talk about him anymore, so just wondering!

fraser made an announcement in one of his vlogs a few months back that ben had gotten a job and that he may be busy with that and not be able to be in most of the shows for the time being. doesn’t mean he will never be back though! he’s been in a show here and there since then :)


I choose YOU, Pika-shoe!

(skip to 20:29)


why this



That's it. That's the plot.


Video Games Awesome React to the Clam Chowder and Pizza Dinner


This shirt makes me feel INVINCIBLE! Thanks Fraser and Becky!