A blog dedicated Video Games Awesome, a show hosted by a group of five that are ready to stream some new or classic video games for your entertainment, maybe while screwing around and raging in doing so. (Well, actually, that's mostly Fraser.)

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new theme!

i wanna play the VGA game you reblogged, but im worried about viruses and things of the sort! have you downloaded this file, and is it safe?

i did download it and my virus scanner didn’t pick anything up! (it scans files that i download) it should be fine! :)


Hello! I’m making a VGA game! I already have most of the storyline done and now I’m working on the characters, programing, and so on.

Download it here! [X]


Video Games Awesome showed my figures on their Post PAX show and I’m SCREAMING.


Seriously, the only thing that can bring me down from an anxiety attack instantly is VGA. I have no idea why, but it does. Thank you VGA. You guys have helped me in more ways than one.




Aaaah VGA might be finishing Wind Waker tonight at 7PM PST


i asked for it. but why ask for it when i can just draw it myself.

also someone color this for me thanks.



Fraser’s face is why I live

It was at the post show. Where did you go to watch the last trailer, by the way? It isn't up on their website.

looks like they are playing the wolf among us right now!

and the show and trailer and all its parts is up on their youtube.

At the end of the last Show & Trailer, Fraser said they'd do Wolf Among Us, but I forgot what time he said. Could you help me?

I went back to the last trailer they watched for the S&T, but they didn’t discuss anything about TWAU. Maybe another follower knows and can reply to this if they did? Its not listed as an event yet on their Facebook, so it may not be for a little bit! They probably want to give everyone a chance to play it for themselves first.




Fuck You David!


If anyone wonders why they should watch VGA play Ace Attorney, here is a few fantastic reasons. A few highlights form them playing Justice For All!


Edo took a bunch of photos, and Becky was the only one that caught on. Love seeing these guys