A blog dedicated Video Games Awesome, a show hosted by a group of five that are ready to stream some new or classic video games for your entertainment, maybe while screwing around and raging in doing so. (Well, actually, that's mostly Fraser.)

Disclaimer: This is purely a fan-made blog, and is not run or moderated by any of the VGA crew.


Adding some colour as well as figuring out a better placement for the whole Souls and Chin issue.

To fix the problem, we’ve sorta made Souls the soul child (GETIT! HA) of Neander Duck somehow to let any of this make sense haha.

Since pretty much each Dragon Age Duck will be different they form The Sisterhood of Ducks. (Names for DA2 and DAI ducks are temp for now)

Do you know what episode that photo set of becky saying "is this ALL for me??" Is from?


We have our new duck.





-Minecraft Survival II-

Repaint of my fanart for Video Games Awesome from 2012. Drawn in January 2014, 9-10 hours in photoshop. You can check out recording of my painting process on youtube


The crew’s reaction after Zhamel makes it right to the top and falls for the fourth time.

I love rewatching old Minecraft AWESOME! 2012 Olympics! videos, especially the parkour event.

I think that’s what [marriage] is all about, cooking each other dinner right?

— Becky Blow, Minecraft + ThunderHumor is AWESOME! (15:47)


More or less accidentally graphed all the VGA viewer statistics I’ve collected this year. Enjoy?


My cheeks hurt from laughing at this, Broky is so amazing. More importantly, I really want them to make those MLJesus t shirts. VGA merch yo!


Needed to get some art done, but also needed to catch up on some VGA. So, naturally, this happened.

VGA costumes pt. 3


I thought I’d give some idea of how I’m doing the VGA Game of Thrones posters over again haha (once again helped by the nerd reposefultube )

I might change a few things still, like the phones on Deacon’s nameslate and make the Snarfs stand out more.

(sorry for the watermark, I need to get into the habit of putting them into my work now haha)


the only highlight clip you’ll ever need.